Once upon a time there was a large family of bad lot guys.
For many years, they have terrorized their fellow citizens with theft and crimes of all kinds.
But everyone knows that, those who live in danger, sooner or later, come to a bad end…
Unfortunately, despite everything, they have not lost their bad habits and have decided to continue their ‘business’.
are you ready to join ‘the family’ and plunder cemeteries around the world? …and many more…


In every corner of the Earth there are graveyards and all of them hidden great treasures.
Loot one by one all the cemeteries of an area.
Defeat fearsome enemies and pitfalls, and be prepared to deal with… and the boss of each level!
The aim of the game is to collect as many treasures as possible before time runs out and then move on to the next level.

Drive each Bones Brothers with its own characteristics with different speed and reactions.

Escape your enemies or fight them using the items you will find in the cemetery.

Gaining new abilities and collecting many item, you will increase the skills of your B-Brothers family and get new Bones Brothers choosing among many characters

Enlarge your bad family to access hundreds of new levels and challenge your friend offline and online!